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What are dreams?

A question that has baffled us for centuries, and continues to remain an enigma till date. When I started reading about dreams and their interpretations I wasn’t sure what to expect. Over the years people have done lot of research and come up with interpretations. However the question arises, can we really interpret dreams so easily?

 Dreams are dependent on individual perceptions. Often we see vague and completely unconnected images in our dreams. We have always been under the influence that these images have to mean something, or else we would have never seen them. Thus we start to search for a connection of the images to our lives. And any remote connection gives us a feeling of triumph; we say, “Yes, now I know why I saw that image or sequence in my dream.” However disconnected the images maybe, still we please ourselves trying to find connections. Is it that simple?

 To think about it, we see dreams during deep sleep, where our subconscious part of the brain takes over. Or rather we can say the brain is resting in peace J.

 Now lets see this, an excerpt from Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception”.

 The suggestion is that the function of the brain and nervous system and sense organs is in the main eliminative and not productive. Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe. The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.

 Thus during sleep, lets say the brain does not eliminate any thought. The brain now lets us perceive anything and everything in the Universe. Can it not be the case, that the images we see are not really connected to us? Maybe they are just figments of our imagination; an imagination so vast and strong.

 In such a case, can we really connect the dreams to our daily lives? Why can’t they be really images of some far away corner in the Universe?

 Can we really understand dreams?

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